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“We need sales! We needed more opportunities! We found the ALN Group and they helped us find both. Our sales team responded to their ideas and used the tools they provided for one simple reason…they made sense and worked! Robert Andrews, Independent Reseller

ALN Group specializes in your industry. We understand your products, your services and the customers who use them. We work with and train hundreds and hundreds of technology professionals to become better presenters, better listeners and better closers. Sales and Business development is about one word, RESULTS! If you find sales flat or declining or are looking for a boost, call today to discuss a customized training for your company. A training that is based on your market, your needs and your goals. Whether you have a sales team of two or thirty-two, ALN Group will provide you with a fast paced and profit focused training that can last from one to three days. We provide dozens of sales and development topics that all build a stronger team for you to grow with. The tools and skills we address provide immediate results. Yes, others provide similar topics and trainings, but few have the experience in your industry or the perspective with your market. It is often these intangibles that gains the confidence of your staff and allows them to know they are learning facts, not theories, tools that are working and will work.

Our reputation for providing knowledge and skills in a fun and enjoyable environment was gained during many of our more intimate and personalized training sessions. We believe work should be enjoyable both from the operational and results standpoint! If you enjoy your time with our training professionals you are more likely to understand, recognize and embrace our principles. There is another difference, the results! It doesn’t matter how well you are currently doing, competition is always lurking, market shifts can be right around the corner and the economy is a constant unknown factor. Well-trained, focused and energized sales people are your insurance against these potential factors. You have control over your company…what are you waiting for? Contact us for more information on sales or business development trainings for your company.

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ALN Group may be in a city near you conducting unique one and two-day seminars geared to immediately improve your level of success. Most seminars focus on sales skills, sales programs and sales management of a particular product or service. The goal of each seminar is to either introduce a new profitable service to your repertoire of offerings or to provide you a new proven approach to one you may already be providing. After completion you will walk away with specific understanding of your client or prospects needs, a sales style that capitalizes on your opportunities and a sales program that focuses on the market segment. In many cities day one is exclusively for sales people and day two for those managing these sale people. Day Two offers management and ownership an understanding of the product/services profit potential, ways to penetrate your marketplace and management tools to guide your sales people to the success level you both deserve. We understand your sales needs, we have industry specific knowledge to incorporate into our training and better yet we know your market and what makes your clients buy. It’s another business development tool offered by ALN Group few can compare with. Many others offer standard training seminars, without the specific program content and information, some at over four times the cost. Why pay more and receive less? Where is your best ROI?

Our Business Development/Sales Seminars result in increased sales at higher profits. Some concepts are subtle, others more significant, but the program is comprehensive and delivers what you need. Intense, but fun, informational and structured so you leave ready, willing and excited to add profits to your bottom line.

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What they say after attending ALN Group Training Seminars:

“Finally 2 days that made sense. I am a small reseller who has been looking to add this particular service and wasn’t ever sure how. The few clients I did have were really profitable. Once I get back they will become more profitable and I know how to add more like them! Information overload, but everything I need to make more money” Atlanta Reseller

“Wow, A complete, well organized, high energy, focused and fun day and a half. I have been in the business for over 15 years and this is the first time I left a training session really ready. I suggested ALN Group return twice to our city. If they take me up on it, I will be back, it’s a no-brainer at the price” Florida Reseller

“Motivating, comprehensive like no other I have attended. I had a good time on top of it. Its all about the Process, so simple but simple is often the better way, I believe I can introduce these ideas as if I had been doing it for years, the difference is the development has been done for me.” New Jersey Solution Provider

Future seminars include:

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Sacramento, CA
  • Chicago, IL
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Dallas, TX
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Orlando, FL
  • Boston, MA
  • Philadelphia, PA

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