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Andrew Szilva, President of ALN Group has developed a reputation for thought provoking, inspiring and motivating presentations. However, it's not just about the content, it's about the results. What happens during the presentation is important, but what the attendee’s take away afterwards has much greater value.


Industry knowledge is shared my many. Business knowledge is also shared by a fair sized group of individuals. How many however, have the ability to speak to your industry on specific business needs in a style that doesn’t make you dizzy or fall asleep? You know the answer... very few! Mr. Szilva ‘s unique presentation approach combines real practices with business common sense that is results oriented! Whether the topic is industry based such as current market trends, new business opportunities or capitalizing on existing profit centers or performance specific to your business, Mr. Szilva separates himself from other speakers in style, knowledge and industry experience.



He believes presentations should combine knowledge transfer , motivation and entertainment. Laughter is commonplace in his presentations, sleeping is not! If you have seen him at an industry event you understand the difference.If you are planning a company meeting or corporate event and are seeking a fresh professional approach that inspires, educates, motivates and entertains, contact ALN Group today to inquire about his availability. Hear the difference for yourself and be certain to you get
the results you are seeking!


Attendee comments who have experienced his presentations:

“The first time I heard about him was at an industry event he wasn’t speaking at. After to listening to another speaker who also did SMB consulting for our industry several at my table began comparing his idea’s and presentation to Mr. Szilva’s whom they had seen earlier in the year. My colleagues were very convincing and were certainly advocates of his Mr.Szilva’s business ideas and concepts. I later had the opportunity to confirm their beliefs in what I would describe as an outstanding “eye opening” experience. He was right on, his suggestions led me to many business changes. He was able to paint a verbal picture of the economic perils and what lied ahead for those who didn't react properly. He certainly held the groups attention! I left feeling concern but with ideas I couldn't wait to try. I highly recommend him!

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