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Accountability seems to be a foreign word to most small businesses. Who is responsible for what and what level of expectation should you have? What are the standards for acceptable production? Do you really know who your top performers are? Are they performing at a level needed to take the next step? How much earnings are being lost because of these unknowns. You already know the answer? Dwindling product margins, increased competition and a down economy have forced many resellers to take a look at how they operate their business. You will be very interested in the findings...many companies are losing between 5 to 22% of potential earnings due to the failure to manage with set performance criteria and monitored production. It is an essential step for those truly interested in capitalizing on their earning opportunities and working smarter.

Not only will you reap the rewards of higher earnings, you will solve your morale problems, increase office efficiency and most importantly provide better service for your clients. If you are seeking a leap to the next level, start with a new mindset that aligns ownership, management and employees to objective goal oriented achievement. It’s about now, this year! Don’t wait any longer! Organize yourself in a way that will serve as the management foundation for every growth level you reach. These email administered programs are geared to increase production in each department and with all employees.


This emailed administered program includes all employee evaluation worksheets, management evaluations worksheets, goal and objective worksheets, individual, department, and common mission reviews. These new services are a must for any company regardless of current condition or sales levels. These performance criteria and production-controlled programs will be the very foundation of all future growth and expansions. This rservice provides you all the necessary knowledge you will need to implement your own Performance management system customized to your needs and goals.

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How customer oriented are you? Is your entire company focused on maintaining and satisfying the needs of your valued client's. How many customer complaints have you received? Are you having difficulty with staff understanding the importance of a complete start to finish customer relationship? One that assures new opportunities and on-time payments. This new service has been added to insure the success of implemented sales and development services. They can often come to a grinding halt when customer service difficulties go unanswered. Stop losing sales opportunities due to this lack of understanding. This program works with all who have customer contact. Acceptable rules of engagement and behavior are provided. Also provided are incentives for achievements, teamwork and communication skills. The goal: a new culture in your company that provides greater opportunity for your growth and higher profits. Satisfied and happy clients can do that.

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What training do you have in managing, leading or motivating? Do you know how to properly get those around you to perform at the top of their ability? Ever wonder why your turnover seems to never end? Are you skilled at leading your team to higher sales and profits? You should be! You have to be if you intend on reaching higher levels of success. It is time to find out how to gain your employees top effort and loyalty. Personal and company focused organizational skills coupled with employees skill and personality understanding provide you tools you never even thought of. Communication skills including email and inner office tools are applied. Conflict management, problem resolution and stress management are all involved in development of a leadership and management style that is yours. The results can only be a more productive, more enjoyable and more profitable company with improved leadership and management. A excellent combination with the performance/production/profit program above.

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