Success” Highlights include:

  • Business Skills Assessment
  • Current Success Status Assessment
  • Personal Default Assessment
  • New Direction Road Map
  • Partnering Sales Techniques
  • Communication Awareness
  • Determining Profitable Markets
  • Profit Focused Time Management Skills
  • Understanding Your Prospect
  • Decision Making Consistency and Focus
  • Goal Determination
  • Accountability Processes
  • Change Management Tools

ICCA adds “Success” to it’s recommended list!

“How you define success and how you're measuring the current state of your own business will have a lot to do with your perception of this book.


Mr. Szilva transitions from assessment quizzes into a series of real-world anecdotes to make his point about the typical goals of owners, the lack of focus on cost and profits, and the age old excuse about being busy”. He really hits his stride as he explains that while profits provide freedom, they also enable the business to invest in further growth. 


Covering operational topics for consulting businesses, and a nice balance of chapters addressing both organizational and personal task, every reader will be forced to face their weaknesses and strengths as they complete the surveys and reading. Szilva delves into the reasons most businesses are unable or unwilling to change when faced with the reality of their situations and follows with pointers on to tackle them. 


This book is written as a series of bite-size chapters, average 4 pages, each with its own Charlie Chan piece of wit as a lead-in. 


If you’re willing to be honest with yourself as you read through this text, you’re likely to find numerous helpful pointers as well as the motivation to really make changes that will impact your business.”



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