Success” Highlights include:

  • Business Skills Assessment
  • Current Success Status Assessment
  • Personal Default Assessment
  • New Direction Road Map
  • Partnering Sales Techniques
  • Communication Awareness
  • Determining Profitable Markets
  • Profit Focused Time Management Skills
  • Understanding Your Prospect
  • Decision Making Consistency and Focus
  • Goal Determination
  • Accountability Processes
  • Change Management Tools


"Success: Are You Earning What You Deserve?", is a primary business development tool for all technology professionals in the SMB marketplace.

Mr. Szilva addresses the current business needs of technology professionals to qualify profitable opportunities and improve their ability to seize upon them. In his own humorous and entertaining manner, Mr. Szilva places emphasis on many of the personal factors that prevent the reader from reaching or maintaining his or her peak earning potential. The high tech industry is constantly changing and evolving. This small business segment is often overwhelmed by the non-stop pace and immense flow of information.

A clear map to prosperity is offered to a business segment that has seen extreme damage during the past several years.  Mr. Szilva has identified communication skills as a significant problem and offers a clear and concise approach to improve customer focus and add greater profitability. With an emphasis on earnings, new time management and daily decision-making skills are detailed. He further offers uncomplicated and easy to implement accountability and performance-based management methods.

The information is delivered in an intelligent, yet light-hearted style that offers optimism and motivation to all readers.  SUCCESS: Are You Earning What You Deserve is a direct result of his experience and understanding of what is required for this highly specialized market segment to establish and strengthen their position.

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