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To be at the top of your game, all elements of your business must be operating at acceptable levels. ALN Group believes all aspects of your business are in constant motion. At one time or other the success or failure of your company is impacted by the relative strengths or weaknesses of each part. We not only say it, we practice it. That's why we offer ALL of the services you need to launch high-powered, results-oriented, profit-driven growth campaigns. See why our one-stop approach continues to win over technology companies around the globe.


Business Evaluation and Analysis
Business Planning And Implementation Strategy
Performance Criteria/Production Controlled Management Systems
Executive Management Consulting
Marketing/Promotional Programs
Sales Programs
Customer Services Programs


If its about the development and growth of your technology company we are ready and waiting to assist you in reaching increased market share, higher profits, lower cost and greater personal and professional satisfaction.




Business Evaluation, Analysis, Recommendations

How healthy is your business? When is the last time it had a examination and assessment? Even the most qualified and educated businessmen benefit from comprehensive review by professionals who understand your market, your business and your industry. ALN Group will review current positions of all key business elements, your product and service offerings, mission and market status. We research and analyze current infrastructure, personnel, policies and responsibilities. A complete evaluation with profit analysis and growth outlook allows you to operate from a position of knowledge and understanding. Never make another business decision without all the necessary data to do so.




Business PLanning And Implementation Strategy

Very few business's are successful by accident. If you seek one common item most successful business's have, it is without a doubt a forward thinking properly developed business plan. A plan based on real data and information acquired from the evaluation stage can produce immediate profitable growth! Long and short term action items, plan strategy, and timelines are identified and provided. You will never wonder again whether or not you are headed in the right direction!




Performance-Based, Production-Controlled, Profit Driven management systems for all departments and all individuals means more profits, better work environment, less employee turnover, improved customer service and a stronger company. If you have used phrases to describe your company like, "It breaks, we fix it", "too many chiefs, not enough Indians" or "daily crisis management", we have the ability to change your world and with it the success level you have come to accept. ALN Group believes office efficiency, enjoyable workplace and profit preservation starts with a defined organization structure and management system which removes you from the day to day observation and hands on involvement. Start using your time to produce profits or maybe play some golf.



Management Consulting

How do you rate your management skills? Are you an effective organizer, motivator or leader? Regardless of your current ability or experience, ALN Group can work with you maximize the benefits of your management systems and keep you on a course to maintain your plan and acheive your goals and objectives.



Marketing Programs

We like to call it the "art of being found". ALN Group employs a talented creative team that develops promotional campaigns that open door after door. From sales aids to advertising to specialty items, let us create the messages that will help prospects find you and then into profits. We can develop extensive customized campaigns or slot you into one of our standard programs and save you money as you make more money. See for yourself.



Sales Programs

When was the last time your salespeople received formal sales training? What's their closing ratio? How many new leads are they identifying each week? Are they increasing existing account activity and by how much? Do they consistently off add-ons? How extensive is their market knowledge? Their product knowledge? Are you evaluating and updating their presentations?
There's probably much work to be done, isn't there? Your customers are your bottom line and your lifeline, so do not waste a single minute...consult ALN Group for the technology industry's leading sales program.



Customer Service Program

What makes more sense than making certain you are properly satisfying the customers you work so hard to attain. We have programs that protect the income produced by your top clients and allow you to develop relationships with new ones to become long term clients. Allow ALN Group to institute a "New Culture" of customer service and preserve what is the most important asset of your company...your clients!


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