One of the most overlooked aspects of establishing a new business and evaluating an existing operation is formal business planning. Poor business structure often cannibalizes profits and effective growth. Opportunities are lost, staff members become de-motivated and clients lose their faith in your mission. What is the one “constant” most successful business's share? A properly constructed and forward thinking Business Plan! Do you have one? Is it effective?

ALN Group has provided business planning services for the technology industry for single owner operators to multi-million dollar corporations. We combine thoroughly tested planning modules with strategies and resources tailored for your particular operation. The bottom line is we will enable you to optimize productivity, position you to capitalize on opportunities and increase your revenue. The results is an improvement in your bottom line!


ALN Group Business Services are provided for those seeking as much information as possible without the expense of in person consulting services. Although not as comprehensive as one on one consulting these programs offer the essential data required to begin your move to the next level. All programs are via email transfer and the final report is sent hard copy upon completion.


Discover in an objective and inexpensive manner what condition your business is in and if you are headed in the right direction. Find out the potential of your marketplace, product and services offering, executive review and base condition summary. A recommendation summary is included for you to incorporate into you business plan.

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Includes a review of current infrastructure, management review, role and responsibility analysis, work-flow analysis and the tools to create your own organizational chart. Eliminate the lost income from duplication of efforts, wrong staff handling assignments, daily delegation of assignments, frustration, lost time and lost clients that can and do result.

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Includes the information and data collected in Plans 1 & 2 to provide a specific plan for your company. Your mission, goals, objectives and strategy is incorporated into a plan built with the flexibility to allow for change and strong enough to properly guide you. A must for all companies serious about seeking profitable direction and growth! You may have always thought your competitor across town had something you lacked. Could it be something as simple and inexpensive as a plan? You determine the answer. If you spend time feeling as if you have no control over your direction or feel as if your business controls you, let us know when we can assist you to take control and change this situation?

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This plan utilizes all the information gathered in Plans 1-3, combining your company mission, your selected direction and your objectives to develop a strategic marketing plan structured to achieve your goals. Standardized marketing and promotional practices are provided that allow for consistency and growth. You need new business! You need more business from your clients! You need to find new markets or increase your market share! How do you intend on gaining this new business? Why not start with an integral plan that reflects your mission and goals?

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