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SUCCESS: Are You Earning
What You Deserve?

“Success: Are You Earning What You Deserve?” is set for a October 15th
re-release. In today’s market it’s essential to evaluate, assess, and focus on profitable efforts. Survival and growth require you to perform at your peak levels. Are you? The skills, concepts and tools in Andrew Szilva’s Success Guide are more relevant and important now than ever. Order your copy today!





ALN Group Comments:

The Gartner Group
Hilary Carney

“The faces of the attendees in his sessions tell the story. Andrew Szilva is able to quickly gain their attention and hold it throughout his presentation. His style is entertaining and energetic! His content creates a buzz long after he is through."


Wes Bradshaw

"We have sponsored Andrew’s appearances throughout the country. His reputation of success helps fill the room, his content assist and inspires the resellers, his style entertains and his knowledge is an asset to all who attend!

Jerry Koutavas
“I was continually impressed with his style and ability to connect to the attendees. Whether through the use of entertaining humor, inspirational stories, reflective pauses or pure energy he held the audience’s attention. But it wasn’t just style it was substance as I took away useful tools and ideas each time I sat in.

Independent Computer
Consultants Association

“If you’re willing to be honest with yourself as you read through this text, you’re likely to find numerous helpful pointers as well as the motivation to really make changes that will impact your business.”


Business Insight

Downsizing! We are all doing it! We are all told it is an essential act required to cut cost and increase our chances and riding out the storm. However, is elimination of you employee count the answer to improved efficiency and your ultimate survival? The answer may surprise you.

Learning Insight

This month’s focus in proper employee evaluation based on downsizing and reorganizations. You will be amazed at the results when you change key employee’s roles and responsibilities. Most of us take our time when hiring but all too often rush into costly decisions when you decide to restructure.

Industry Insight

How is that commercial market treating you? Have you made the shift to this more stable and lucrative market? How does this year look according to market and industry experts? The answers may not be what you expect nor what you might desire! It looks as if the light commercial market that appeared so strong especially in comparison to the home market segment will be falling considerably in 2010.

Archived Articles
Business Insight
  • Is Survival a Successful Strategy?
  • All Companies need some R and R…Revenue Replacement!
  • What’s with the competition? Who are they and where did they come from?
Industry Insight
  • Has the wireless revolution finally arrived for security? Will the results be higher earnings? Don’t be so quick to answer!?
  • In a declining market with the buyer watching every penny, can you still sell high end?
  • Is home automation still sexy? New products cut energy cost but are the they meeting the buyers expectations?
Learning Insight
  • Do you know where the money is going? Sounds like a silly question, but do you know? Some of today’s software companies make this information easy to keep and maintain!
  • Are you raising the bar of performance from your employee’s? When is enough…enough? Don’t risk burning out, alienating or losing your top employees.
  • Setting the bar of excellence that elevates your company above the competition. Working hard and improving performance can be fun and profitable…for the entire team!
Coming Next Month:

Hear What happened to your telephones? Are they still ringing? Where have the Customer Lead’s gone? 8 Easy Ways to get it ringing again!


Getting the Door Open with the products you offer!
Ways to reposition your company and gaining interest with new and old customers.


Are You Experiencing the Recovery?


Hear Andrew Szilva’s weekly take on the industry, your business and the market. What is your strategy? What is your market direction? What is your next move? It’s time to find out!!

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